The multifunctional pen with integrated editor for

  • Write
  • Add digital information
  • Archive
    in the variants

  • QR-Code
  • QR-Code + NFC
  • Solution

    The SmartPen occupies a special position among the blukii SmartWearables. It has a modular structure and has several options for direct access to via QR code, name code, NFC tag or Bluetooth. is a mobile, internet-based documentation and messaging platform for creating digital pages for a wide variety of applications / objects such as:

  • Appointments, diary / photo books, college blocks, maintenance manuals, cultural / tourist information (museums, discovery trails, etc), shopping malls, insurance / accident documentation, equipment, etc.
  • handwritten entries (everywhere)
  • Post / greetings / greeting cards, etc., coupons, gifts, invitations, and more.
    All applications / objects can contain videos, pictures, audios, texts, files, hand drawings and much more. be extended.
  • is thus the ideal supplement to the SmartPen.

    Language is selectable

    Add and archive

    With you can add different contents (picture left). Simply select and edit them in the editor.
    You can add photos from a folder/archieve in the PC or Smartphone or you take pictures e.g. from a notebook page and takes the picture directly into the editor.
    The operation is multilingual. The language is automatically based on the language setting of the smartphone or you can simply select the language.
    With Add Folder you can not only organize the card contents but also build archives.

    Demo: click on application card or picture.


    Notebooks, Appointments, College Blocks …

    Even in the age of digitization, notebooks and appointment books are still among the most frequently used „information stores“.
    Write a note quickly, write notes in meetings, seminars, lectures etc. makes it easy to add digital content to your notes. Just add a code, scan a note (add via photo) and then do the rest in the editor like

  • Expand / complete text
  • Add photos, videos, hand drawings, etc.
  • • Include downloads
    and you have an extensive documentation of his handwritten note.
    Access to this note is then obtained through his notebook (code) or through his user archive, which can be opened at any time via PC, smartphone or SmartPen.

    Our Demo-Card E-Learning with shows how easy and uncomplicated notes can be extended with digital content Card-Link.

    No matter if diaries, travel diaries, greeting cards …

    When traveling, you can discover and experience a lot and you get many exciting impressions that you never want to forget. What should not be missing is a travel journal to capture the memories. Often, however, it is not just handwritten notes that best convey the unique impression, but pictures / photos, a particular song or a video. is just the right tool for this. It complements his handwritten notes with digital media and tells his stories up close. It does not always have to be a diary / travel journal. With, the experience also fits on a greeting card. + SmartPen

    complement each other ideally. Once as a writing instrument and then as a „door opener“ for to add the digital information and to archive in the user account.

    Our travel diary card shows how to design not only a multimedia travel diary with but also an entire travel archive Card-Link.

    With this greeting card we show how a greeting card becomes an experience card Card-Link.

    Further examples

    you will find e.g. in our Blog (picture 1), in the photo book (picture 2) or in general on our site application ideas Link.

    Register – as easy as on Facebook

    After registration, a user account is created for each user.
    The user can choose between the following platforms / accounts:

  • – create new account (or apply existing account)
  • Facebook – use existing account
  • Google – use existing account
  • Click here for the SmartPen

    You can get everything you need to know about Blukii products and especially the SmartPen by clicking on the pictures.

    Each user / SmartPen buyer

    as a registered customer / user you can use additional codes or all products
    order in the Online Shop.

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