Gift cards – a modern way to gift

Birthday, a party, christmas ….. there are many events where you can gift something beautiful. And again and again comes the question: What do I gift?
On the one hand, you want to give something beautiful, something special. On the other hand, the gift should also have a benefit for the recipient.
One way to do this is gift cards. Especially if they are from a brand or a retailer, the recipient likes. The recipient can now chooses what he wants to buy and has no time pressure.
There are many options for gift cards. Gift cards can be given for example by a perfumery chain, a wine shop or a restaurant.
Gift cards are modern, as they give the recipient a certain freedom in the choice of products. Because surprise: the customers of today are self-determined customers. The more they are captured, the more uncomfortable they feel.
With gifts, of course, you want to give something special and not something completely general. Therefore, gift cards are the perfect way to gift. They do not hinder the recipients – they can choose what they want and when they want and need it. At the same time, gift cards are special because they belong to a retailer that the recipient like. Gift cards are the perfect mix and because of that a great gift.
Today, there are many options, to find a great gift card. A new kind of gift card is for example the cryptocurrency gift card of our partner Chainsulting.
Always a gift card is a great choice, when you are searching something nice to gift.

Gift cards and an unique digital message

With, the gift card will be extended with digital content. The gift card becomes more emotional and personally through the extention. On the gift card, a QR-Code and short URL guides directly to the empty digital card, where the buyer now can add own photos, videos, audios, texts, hand drawings and more. With the same QR-Code and short URL the recipient gets the digital greeting.
In Germany, the perfumery chain Schuback has extended their gift cards with the service.

The buyers extend the Schuback gift cards with their personal digital message, with their own videos, photos, audios and more. They connect their personal greetings directly with the gift cards.
More about the gift cards solution for Business Partner you find here.

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